More Than Words

Professional Development for Resume Writers

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Are you ready to take your resume writing business to the next level?

"More Than Words"
Professional development trainings for resume writers.

Who is it for?
Those who are currently working as a resume writer.
Those who love resume writing and are ready to expand their offerings and take things to the next level.

Who is it not for?
Those who have never worked as a resume writer.
Those who are still figuring out whether they want to be a resume writer.

What does it look like?
A series of trainings (video + text + worksheets + webcasts) designed to take your resume writing business to the next level.
14 weeks of content - each unit is designed to be done over two weeks.
Each comes with it's own certification, setting you apart from the pack.

Unit 1: Write great Key Selection Criteria

Unit 2: Be an 'Interview Coach'

Unit 3: Create gorgeous Professional Profiles using Canva

Unit 4: Write killer Professional Bios to tell your client's story

Unit 5: Double your prices

Unit 6: Build your profile as an expert in your field

Unit 7: Working with mums

Unit 8: Jobseeker coaching

***Bonus FB group access to connect with others at the same stage of business as you

When does it start?
The course began on 1st Jan 2018. You can come in at any time and go at your own pace.

Can you enrol in single units?
Yes, but rather than accessing the content through this site and the Facebook group, you will be emailed the content for the units you enrol in. Contact me at for links to purchase the units you're interested in. Units are $225 each.

So the package is a pretty great deal then?
Sure is. Its thousands of dollars of value!

Are you ready to take this thing to new heights? I am so ready to take you there. This course is not for the faint of heart. I will challenge you, I will ask you to grow, I will expect you to show up for yourself and for the hundreds of clients who you have the potential to change the lives of.

Let's do this.

Much love, Carlie xx

Your Instructor


Carlie Maree is a writer, teacher and mentor with a passion for empowering women who want more.

A qualified life coach, experienced business builder and respected thought leader, Carlie works with the magic of our inner wisdom and feminine power to help women create the work-life harmony they dream of.

From her laptop, in her little beachside home, she reaches women from all over the world on a daily basis - both through her online programs and her daily #SoulBizSnippets.

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